About Miss Beaverton Scholarship Pageant

The Miss Beaverton Scholarship Pageant is utilized as the means of choosing the most worthy ambassador of the community of Beaverton. The Pageant shall strive to select the candidate which best exhibits the the qualities deemed important by the Pageant committee, including but not limited to: responsibility, trustworthiness, poise and grace. In 1995 the Pageant officially became a scholarship pageant. Miss Beaverton earns a $1,000 scholarship made payable to the college or trade school of her choice. We also crown a 1st runner up with a $500 scholarship. In 2005, a 2nd runner up was added, winning a $250 scholarship. (There is a documented criteria in order for this award). Talent winner is awarded a $50 cash prize. The Pageant competition consists of an opening statement, talent, and evening gown/question. The contestants are scored from a panel of three judges. Miss Beaverton is expected to represent the Beaverton community at scheduled appearances on behalf of the local business community and its various civic organizations throughout her reign.